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What is WHILS? Woolly Hooves: the Invincible Llama Sim, code name WHILS, is an invincible llama sim, in which you, the player, take on the role of an invincible llama lleader!

At its heart, WHILS is a breeding game mixed with an rpg type game mixed with a standard browser type game mixed with a strategy game mixed with an adventure game. Complete capricious quests, fight ferocious (often vegetable) foes, level llamas, and selectively breed llamas in attempt to raise the most powerful herd in all of Whilso!

Cost and System Requirements

Cost: WHILS is free to play! Hurray! In a bucket!

System Requirements: In order to play, you'll need to make sure cookies and Javascript are enabled on your browser. No plugins are needed!

Background Information

The land of Whilso is under attack by the crafty, cruel, and cawing Cawb, a detestable raven with a rumored appetite for llamas! In Whilso, llamas are the most very important thing. Whoever owns the best llamas gains the most fame and thus, the most popularity. Some speculate that Cawb's ultimate goal is to become the most popular raven ever born by stealing all of the Whilsonian llamas! But in order to do that, he must first get past the country's defenses... namely, you, your invincible llama, and others like you!

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