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07.24.21 the Invincible Llama Sim (WHILS)
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WHILS came about not from just the effort of one, but the effort of many! Thanks to the following people for making the dream of llama-ness come alive!

  • qwigoqwaga (#6401) - Owner, programming, quest writing
  • Kahlem (#1) - Creator, former owner, programming, concept
  • Evana (#2) - Various items, predators, quest givers, baby llama, and initial big llama images!
  • Ella (#3) - Various items, predators, quest givers, world maps, town maps, big llamas, and pixel art!
  • Oromë (#4) - Various patterns, pixel art, and mental support XD
  • Axsca (#5) - Llama pixel art and various predators!
  • Fez (#6) - Lla fields map!
  • inkdeer (#8697) - Various items, quest writing, programming
  • Beguile (#16675) - Quest writing!
  • Eispiritu, Muircat, Icer (#17687), Kira June, Cova, Willow (#8065) - Frigid Highlands art!
  • Pre-Alpha Testers - Mostly mods from FP, thank you all for your willingness to test and support!
  • Alpha Testers - Mostly players from FP, thank you all for your willingness to test and support!
  • Early Account Purchasers - You have made the process of moving from alpha stage to public launch so much easier by your willingness to support WHILS and take the chance of buying an account before you even saw the game. Thank you!
  • Everyone who contributed to the Frigid Highlands zone - Ideas, planning, writing, concept art, everything. It couldn't have happened without you! Thank you!
  • God - For making llamas! 8D You rock.
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