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WHILS = Woolly Hooves: the Invincible Llama Sim
ILCP = Invincible Llama Cool Points
IL = Invincible Llama

1. Pasture Stuff

1.1 My Invincible Llama is lonely, can I find friends for it?

Cause your Invincible Llama is so cool, wild llamas will follow it while you are hiking. You can decide whether to shoo the llama away or to convince it to join your herd. However, you have to show off your and your IL's skills by beating an opponent before the normal llama will move into your pasture.

1.2 Ewww, I don't want to pick up poo, why aren't my llamas potty-trained?

Llamas are way above potty training! In fact, they insist that you come out once a season and clear their pasture of all poo, or they will grow moody.

1.3 My poor llamas have to live off dry grass and hardly any water, and they're getting wet in the rain! How do I improve my pasture?

As you wander around in the world and complete more quests, you'll find shops in the towns you discover. These shops often carry grass seeds and shelter/pond plans. When they're in your inventory, you can apply these to your pasture.

1.4 What are these herd bonus things?

Herd bonuses are being awarded by the quality and size of your herd. Each llama in the herd, except for Invincible Llamas, contributes to the herd bonus if it is kept 100% happy. If your llamas aren’t happy, make sure that your water and shelter quality rating are high enough to fit their pickiness! The most basic bonus that is awarded is Mood bonus, which increases the maximum mood of the active IL in the pasture. Other bonuses can be unlocked by breeding llamas with special location gene strings! Llamas older than 25 years do not contribute to the herd bonus anymore.

1.5 This Invincible Llama nags too much while hiking, I want to hike with another!

On your llama farm page you can see which Invincible Llama is your active IL. If you have more than one IL, you can choose which one you like to hike with.

1.6 My Invincible Llama has a weird growth. Should I consult a vet?

As your Invincible Llama grows stronger and has more fighting moves, it will come closer to its nature. So don't be frightened when your llama suddenly looks like a fish or a bird, it's perfectly natural.

1.7 My normal llama grew a beard and is using a cane. What should I do?

Once your llama is 25 years (100 season starts) old, it can't be bred anymore, nor does it contribute to the herd bonus. You can retire it and it will be placed in a retirement pasture where it will have endless amounts of hay to munch and ponds to chase rubber ducks in. In fact, you can even retire wild llamas that you caught but don't quite fit your color scheme anymore. There is no limit to the amount of llamas that can fit on this pasture. They will not be able to breed, have items used on them or be returned to the original pasture.

1.8 Can I level my normal llamas?

When your IL levels, the llamas in its herd will level as well if they are at least 5 levels lower than the IL. Once your IL reaches the level cap (currently level 25) and gains enough experience for another "level," the IL won't level, but all the llamas in its herd will, regardless of if they're 5 below or not. Regular llamas do not have a level cap. This means that part of the challenge of the game will be to raise a llama to the highest level possible while trying to breed for the best possible herd bonuses before too many generations have passed.

2. Breeding Stuff

2.1 Crias are so cute! Can I have one?

Sure! However, only normal llamas are able to breed, unless you get a super-special-rare item that lets you breed Invincible Llamas. A llama (male or female) will need to put on nectar (purchasable in several shops) to make it attractive to other llamas. Once your llama can attract other llamas, you can either breed with your own llamas or search for a mate in herds owned by other players.

2.2 How do I breed my llama with llamas from other players?

To make your llama available for breeding requests, go to their page and set Available for Breeding Requests to "Yes." Type in a breeding fee as well. To breed to a llama available for requests, go to their page, click the Breed-A-Llama link (which will only be visible if the llama is up for requests and is old enough to be bred). Select the llama you want to breed to it, fill out the comment box, and send the request.

Once your request is accepted by the other llama's owner, you can breed the llamas. Regardless of if you own the female or the male, the baby will end up in your pasture.

2.3 When can a llama be bred?

Female llamas must be at least 2 years old, under 25 years old, and cannot have been bred within the past 8 seasons. Male llamas must be at least 3 years old, under 25 years old, and cannot have been bred within the past 4 seasons. If you bred your llama to someone else’s llama, the wait time between breedings is judged by your game clock, not theirs. This means that if you let someone breed their female llama to your male llama and you turn 4 seasons, you can breed your male llama again even if they haven’t turned any seasons.

2.4 How often can a llama be bred?

Female llamas can be bred once every 2 years (8 seasons). Male llamas can be bred once every year (4 seasons).

2.5 How do I unlock the herd bonuses?

You need to breed llamas that have two capitals in one of its location stats (PP for example). The amount of bonus received is based on the level of the parents and the generation number of the baby. An increasing penalty to the bonus is applied if the baby’s generation is 8 or higher. The special bonuses do not alter as the llama's pickiness level increases.

2.6 How is the cria's pickyness level calculated?

It's a random number between the mom and dad's level divided by the generation penalty. A generation penalty is applied if the baby’s generation is 8 or higher. If the baby’s generation is 8, the level will be divided by 2. If the generation is 9, it will be divided by 3. However, a 7th generation baby won’t have any penalty.

2.7 How do I get another Invincible Llama?

The main way to get another Invincible Llama is to breed it from regular llamas. An Invincible Llama is born when all the location genes are capitals (PP SS CC DD), the parents are both under 5 years of age, and the baby’s generation is 15 or less.

Invincible Llamas can be bred together to create another Invincible Llama as well, but a special, rare attractant is required for the breeding to occur.

2.8 What is a cria?

Cria is just uber-cool lingo for a baby llama!

3. Hiking Stuff

3.1 How do I hike?

You take your tent, sleeping bag, fresh underwear, teddybear and (ofcourse) your Invincible Llama and you look around the world to discover caves, fields, lovely swamps, beaches, deserts... to start hiking click “World,” then click on one of the non-town links!

3.2 My llama doesn't have any fighting moves!

Ohnoes! Before you consider performing a braintransplant on the poor thing, try to find the first quest (World, then Bamboo Hut!), which will explain you the basics of paths and fighting moves.

3.3 My llama doesn't want to move!

Your llama might have gotten spitting mad at your opponents. Bribing it with a bit of food or offering it a couple days of rest always helps. You can purchase special treats (like apples, carrots, celery, and broccoli) at shops in towns and then feed them to your llama by visiting your Inventory (mouse over Farm, then click the Inventory link that appears). You can rest your llama by clicking on the campfire icon in the middle of the movement buttons on the hiking page, or by clicking on the “Click Here to Control Time” link on the top right of the layout.

3.4 Why is the world of Whilso so small?

Well, it isn't. But as it is really hard to get your llama on a plane, you can only visit small bits at a time. Once you completed all quests in one part of the world, you will be able to move on and discover new horizons. In addition, more zones and quest and adventures will be added as WHILS grows! Exciting.

3.5 I made an oopsie in my llama's path. Can you change it?

You can do it yourself even! At the bottom of the path's page, you will find a "reset all path points" button. Be careful however, once you press this button, your IL will have to learn everything all over again.

3.6 I’ve run out of quests to do and/or my llama has hit the level cap. What do I do now?

Continue to collect wild llamas, coaxing them into your herd. Breed llamas to try to get the best possible bonuses, the funkiest looking llama, or to try to get another Invincible Llama. Fight predators to get enough experience to gain another fame level and level all llamas in your IL’s herd. Be sure to check your progress on the score boards!

3.7 What is fame?

Your llama’s fame indicates how well-known the llama is in the Whilso world! Your llama gains a fame level every time it levels, or once it’s reached the level cap, every time its herd levels. When your llama’s fame gets high enough, you will unlock special parts of the site! Farm fame doesn’t currently do anything. But it will! Eventually. Yeah.

3.8 I'm all out of season starts! How do I get more?

You are given 1 season start (upgraded accounts get 2) every day that you log in. This is according to the server time, which is set to EST. The server time is shown on the top right portion of the layout, so you can tell when the server thinks it's a new day.

4. Other Stuff

4.1 My llamas are so hot in the summer, can I do something to cool them down?

Yes you can! As you complete quests throughout the world, you will discover a shop that carries wool shears. Not only will clipping your llama's coat make them happy, but you will get lots of Handfulls of Wool too! Only llama's that have been at least 4 seasons in your herd have a coat that's worth a shave.

4.2 How do I get more money/HoW?

Fight predators for HoW that they drop! Complete quests for occasional HoW bonuses! If you notice something peculiar on the ground while you’re hiking, have a look, there might be some HoW! Shear your llamas every summer for a nice HoW bonus! Orrr, you can purchase ILCP with USD and exchange it for HoW in the ILCP center.

4.3 What is ILCP?

ILCP stands for Invincible Llama Cool Points. This special currency allows you to get all sorts of cool stuff, from account upgrades to extra holding pastures to fancy custom llamas.

4.4 How do I get ILCP?

ILCP is a USD purchasable item. For every 1 USD you spend, you get 2 ILCP. To find out more about ILCP and how to purchase it, go to the ILCP Center, which can be accessed by mousing over “World,” then clicking on the “ILCP Center” link.

4.5 Why llama?

Why not llama?

4.6 How to spell llama?


4.7 This game is weird!

I know.

4.8 What's a Promo Code?

Promo Codes are special codes given out which can be exchanged at the Promo Code section for a special prize. Currently, the only promo codes are those given to WHILS alpha testers.

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