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Welcome, traveler! Gather 'round to hear the tale of Whilso and why we Whilsonians so desperately need your help...

In the opinion of the Whilsonians, Llamas are the most very important part of Whilso, the fanciful country where llamas of all different sorts frolic and play. Llamas provide wool for the most fashionable clothing, and with the quickly changing tastes of Whilsonians, llama wool never goes out of demand.

Whilso was once a country of peace. The predators (yes, even the menacing prancing broccoli!) were too scared of the fearsome invincible llamas to even think about having a tasty llama lunch, and they would never – ever! – cross paths with an invincible llama, until the dark lord Cawb arrived – a raven with an unquenchable appetite for llamas. Cawb has been directing the predators, and the predators have acted with an unnatural determination to attack llamas in an attempt to steal every single Whilsonian llama. Cawb’s ultimate goal? No one knows, but citizens of Whilso speculate that he not only wants to munch on llamas, but also wants to be a leader in fashion - the most fashionable and popular raven ever born!

Whilso would be facing the unthinkable, certain doom of all of their llamas falling into Cawb’s clutches if not for the invincible llamas. Invincible llamas are incapable of being hurt by even the most fearsome predators and have strong ties with the land which aid them in their battles. These llamas stand between the good citizens of Whilso… and destruction!

But – there is a catch! Invincible Llamas are incapable of performing their duties without the direction of a brave human soul. Why, without anyone to tell them what to do and how to do it, they’d probably lay around all day, eating hay and the like just like any regular llama, and the citizens of Whilso would face certain destruction. These llamas are also quite picky about who they’ll let control their destiny, and the Whilsonians are at their wit’s end because as certain doom threatens, all the invincible llamas of the land are concerned with doing is finding the best dandelions to eat.

The citizens of Whilso are desperate to find new trainers, new leaders, to bond with the invincible llamas of the land and fight off Cawb’s numerous hordes of predators, and ultimately, face Cawb himself.

In other words, all of Whilso needs you!

Are you up for the challenge?

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