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WHILS Hiatus Announcement + Comment (2)
Posted on Sunday, June 20 2021 at 08:13pm by qwigoqwaga
As you all know, WHILS has been dormant for a while. We are still planning to recode and revamp WHILS at some point, but for now we are officially pausing that. WHILS has always been and continues to be a passion project for us and we know that so many of you share the same fond memories of playing on WHILS over a decade ago. Unfortunately, due to real life, we don't have the time to work on revamping it right now or for the foreseeable future. We do intend to revamp WHILS at some point, but it likely won't be anytime soon. will be unavailable as of July 15th, 2021.

If you want to stay in touch with other WHILS players and keep in the loop about any further updates on WHILS, see the links below:
Sign up for the email list to get notifications for updates
Join the WHILS Discord server
Like the WHILS Facebook page
Join the WHILS Facebook group

Happy 10th Birthday! + Comment (15)
Posted on Sunday, November 11 2018 at 09:08am by qwigoqwaga
Happy 10th Birthday, WHILS!

That’s right. has been around for an entire decade. Many of us started playing WHILS when we were kids not much older than WHILS is now and spent years enjoying a fun game and a wonderful community filled with great friends, good times, and llama-filled weirdness. We all love WHILS and the time we spent here. However, in the past several years, WHILS has stagnated. The coding is out of date and things are starting to break. The site is old and decrepit, just like a retired llama.

We want WHILS to become a vibrant, fun, playable game again. But, it’s going to take a lot of time and work. WHILS was built ten years ago and its code needs to be updated to modern standards. The best way to go about this is to start from scratch and completely recode WHILS. We want to stay as true to the original as possible, but some changes will need to be made for the site to be sustainable.

All the details haven’t been worked out yet and we want the community to be involved in the process of determining how to make any changes that need to be made.
Here’s what you need to know for now:
1. We will not be shutting down WHILS during the recode. You can continue to play this version while we recode, but minor bugs are unlikely to be fixed.

2. When the recode reaches a playable state, we will host it separately from the main website for alpha testing. We will put out more information about that when we reach that stage, but we will be looking for players to be testers for the recode.

3. We want players to be able to keep as much from their old accounts as possible. ILCP will absolutely transfer and llamas and items will transfer as well.

For future updates, you can sign up for our email update list here.

And now we’d like to formally introduce ourselves as the owners of WHILS. Meet the culprits behind these updates:
-Jelly - Admin, Artist
-Maddy / Beguile - Admin
-Rachelhi - Admin, Artist
-Snowpuddles / inkdeer - Admin, Artist, Coder
-qwigoqwaga - Admin, Coder

Also, to celebrate WHILS’s 10th birthday, monsters will have the chance to drop Surprise Boxes through the end of November.

Everyone can also get a free 10th birthday party hat and a rainbow party blower using the promo code “10birthday”!

Need a 10th birthday party hat for each of your llamas? You’re in luck because 10th birthday party hats and rainbow party blowers will also have the chance to be found in Surprise Boxes opened through November 30th!

Bug Fixes + Comment (9)
Posted on Saturday, May 27 2017 at 04:01pm by qwigoqwaga
The bug that was preventing people from turning seasons should be fixed now!

Just to keep everyone in the loop, we're going to be doing major updating to the site's coding since much of it is outdated. We're going to be working on this a little bit at a time and it could take a long time to get the entire site completely updated. This should not require downtime, however, bugs like this might pop up here and there during the transition. Please post any bugs you come across on the Bug Board.

There's also been some other various bug fixes, updates, new accessories, and art updates.

Party Time! + Comment (2)
Posted on Tuesday, December 20 2016 at 12:13pm by qwigoqwaga
To help you celebrate the holidays (aka Whilsidays) there are a bunch of new accessories to get your llamas ready to party!

From now until Sunday, January 8 predators will have the chance to drop Surprise Boxes, which will each contain one random new party item.

Only predators that you earn experience from will drop Surprise Boxes (so you can't get them from predators that are more than 5 levels below your llama). Once you get a Surprise Box, go to your inventory to open it.

Please shower your praise on Snowpuddles for making this happen!

There will also be some new accessories coming to the Hailstone Village shop soon. These items will be there permanently, so your llamas can be festive all the time.

Welcome back! + Comment (3)
Posted on Friday, December 9 2016 at 04:54pm by qwigoqwaga
To celebrate WHILS's rebirth, everyone can get a limited edition Phoenix Pet!
Visit the Promo Codes page and use the code "rebirth"

This will only be available through the end of the month.

Today is also National Llama Day, so I hope everyone has a llamatastic day!

Big News! + Comment (5)
Posted on Monday, November 28 2016 at 04:06pm by qwigoqwaga
If you've been observant recently, you may have noticed the site was down for a few days. We were in the processing of changing servers and now that we're back I have some major news!

Kahlem, the creator of WHILS, has determined that she can no longer run Woolly Hooves, so she has given the site to me and she (and Mythic Multimedia, LLC) is no longer affiliated with WHILS. I am very grateful to Kah for everything she has done for WHILS and for transferring the site to me. I'm excited to keep working on WHILS and creating new content and features for you all to enjoy! I'm also thankful to all those dedicated Whilsonians who continue to support WHILS's development :)

There's also been a number of updates. Most majorly, the quest bugs should be fixed now!
Other updates:
-Removed the old rule #9. You can now sell pets/items from other games as long as the other site allows it.
-There's an expected crias list on your time control page.
-Llama search improvements! You can search by generation, owner, and active owners, and there is a link so you can share searches with others.
-There are now links on users' farm pages to all llamas they have available for sale and stud.
-Pastures with llamas for sale will show a $ icon.
-Fixed grass quality issue that was preventing llamas from being sold due to level 5 grass quality.
-A llama's generation is now listed with their info in more places.

Also, if you forgot your username or email and want to be able to use your account again, you can use the new contact form and I'll try to help you recover your account.

New zone, ToS changes, and more! + Comment (7)
Posted on Wednesday, February 10 2016 at 11:53am by qwigoqwaga
You and your invincible llama can now travel to the Frigid Highlands to complete a whole new set of quests!

Since it may have been a while since you completed the previous quests, you can refresh your memory and read through the story so far, linked on the Help page.

Along with the quests, the level cap has been raised to 30 and there are also some new markings and patterns: Stockings, Centered, Nostril Marking, Orca, Modern Paisley, and Curly.

The other major update is some changes to the Terms of Service. It's not really a change, it's more like just reflecting the rules we've already been enforcing for some time now. The biggest change of course is that mild swearing is allowed as long as it is not aimed at another player or used in a derogatory way.

Those are the biggest things, but there's been a ton of other things too:
-You can now edit your own posts
-The HoW:ILCP conversion rate has been changed to 5k HoW for 1 ILCP
-HoW drops from predators and the Sleepy Town Tree have been increased
-Shearing is based on IL Fame rather than level for ILs
-There is a new Super Shears item in the Hailstone Village shop that lets you shear all of your llamas at once
-Some items in the ILCP Center have had their prices reduced

Updates are happening! + Comment (11)
Posted on Friday, December 18 2015 at 11:48am by qwigoqwaga
In case you haven't heard the exciting news yet, Kahlem has found some time and decided to accept my help in updating WHILS. This means we are working on the new zone, although it's a big project and likely will not be completed soon.

In the meantime, I've also been adding some other littler updates and bug fixes.

Most noticeably, the line break issue should now be fixed on the forums, messages, and llama descriptions. Please let me know if you come across it anywhere else. I also added pagination to messages, because having thousands of messages could be really laggy.

A long awaited update, you can now change your email in your settings!

I have also added a fix for llama camping. You can no longer place an expecting llama for sale or sell one. Pastures will now list for you any llamas that are camped there. It will also have a button to Uncamp the llamas, which will forcibly kick those llamas out and place them in one of the pastures of whoever actually owns them.

That's all for now, but feel free to let me know what others things you think should be added or updated next.

Downtime + Comment (7)
Posted on Thursday, December 19 2013 at 12:02pm by Kahlem
Some software upgrades unfortunately exposed some security vulnerabilities in WHILS, so I had to work through all the code and patch up those holes and it took some time. Everything should be working properly now! But please let me know if you notice any problems, especially any that call themselves mysql errors.

Lost Password Tool + Comment (21)
Posted on Sunday, August 12 2012 at 08:12pm by Kahlem
A lost password tool has been added!

Bug Fix + Comment (16)
Posted on Sunday, October 23 2011 at 09:47pm by Kahlem
Custom Llamas, and in fact all generation 1 llamas, should be able to be bred even when they're older than 25 years now. For real this time.


Breeding + Comment (24)
Posted on Saturday, August 6 2011 at 07:24pm by Kahlem
Generation 1 llamas (including custom llamas) can now be bred even when they're old and decrepit. Yay!

ILCP Purchase ... is back! + Comment (20)
Posted on Tuesday, February 1 2011 at 02:26pm by Kahlem
Back by popular demand and a good amount of peer pressure, you can once again purchase ILCP through Paypal.

Bug Fixes and Updates + Comment (36)
Posted on Thursday, August 12 2010 at 04:25pm by Kahlem
The WW bug that was changing everyone's name/blurb/etc has been fixed.

Notifications are working again and a [Hide All] option has been added so you don't have to click a zillion times to clear your events.

Chat's been updated a bit to make messages easier to read.

And perhaps the biggest change, you can now purchase ILCP for HoW. Each ILCP costs 8,000 HoW. To purchase ILCP, go to the ILCP Center and click the Purchase tab.

Server Change and ILCP + Comment (72)
Posted on Tuesday, July 28 2009 at 08:43pm by Kahlem
Sorry WHILS was down for so long! But it's finally back up and on a new server.

I've decided to close down the ILCP purchase portion of the site. I don't feel like it's fair to offer purchasable points on a site that isn't being actively maintained or updated -- especially since WHILS is currently piggy-backing on one of my other servers and isn't costing me anything to keep up.

Thank you to everyone who has supported WHILS in the past! And thank you to all of you who continue to play and enjoy WHILS :)

Last Bred Selling Bug + Comment (32)
Posted on Tuesday, April 7 2009 at 12:04am by Kahlem
The bug where a llama who had been purchased retained last bred/shorn information based on the previous owner's game time should be fixed.

All llamas who were bugged (had a last bred time greater than their current owner's game time) have had their last bred time set to 8 less than their current owner's game time.

WHILS' Future + Comment (103)
Posted on Monday, March 30 2009 at 11:46am by Kahlem
I've received quite a few messages concerned about the future of WHILS and wanting me to make a public statement of some sort, so here it is.

WHILS is no longer supporting itself, and will be moving to shared server space with one of my other servers once I get the time to initiate the move.

For those of you who have purchased ILCP, thank you for your support! I'll keep WHILS up for as long as I can, even though it can't pay for itself atm.

I don't plan on actively updating WHILS for a while. It's currently 3rd on my priority list, with Furry Paws' revamp being first and Mweor projects being second.

You are more than welcome to enjoy the game as it is for as long as you like!

New Quests! + Comment (120)
Posted on Thursday, December 18 2008 at 03:13pm by Kahlem
Two new quests have been added to the Mellow Desert, finishing out all quests planned for that zone!

Next on the list will be developing some extra things to do with your Invincible Llamas once they reach the level cap, like high level predators to fight in old zone maps and cooperative fighting against really tough predators.

If your new llama doesn't look the way it should... + Comment (14)
Posted on Tuesday, December 2 2008 at 11:43am by Kahlem
I've gotten a few reports that new llamas aren't looking right. To fix this, go to the llama's page, then click on the Reset Picture near the bottom of the page.

This is happening because although the database had to be rolled back to a backup, the saved files for the pictures were still intact. So ya, easy fix :)

Server Hiccup :( + Comment (32)
Posted on Monday, December 1 2008 at 08:41pm by Kahlem
Unfortunately, our server had a hiccup at roughly 4pm EST which eventually resulted in losing the database data. OH NO!

But never fear! Backups saved us!

A backup from the end of the day on 11/30/08 was successfully restored. This means that WHILS basically lost a day, so if you bred llamas today, you'll need to rebreed them. If you reached a level today, you'll need to re-reach it, and so on.

I'm really sorry about this, :( it was one of those incredibly irritating annoying server mishaps unfortunately occasionally happen. At this point I'm just grateful that the database was able to be restored at all. Whew.

To re-iterate the update I posted earlier today (which is gone now because of the database restore XD) there are two new items available in the Trinket shop: Potent Red Daisy Nectar (lets you breed llamas up to level 70) and Extra Pasture Deed (lets you add another pasture to your farm).

I've also tweaked the breeding script. The penalty to the strength of a marking when only one parent has it has basically been removed. In its place, I added code which randomly picks the strength of the marking to either be the same as the parent's, 10% more, or 10% less.

Also, the breeding script no longer randomly decides the path of an Invincible Llama when it's born. Instead, the path it becomes is based on its base color.

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