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Terms of Service (aka da rules)
Rules (Terms of Service in a nutshell)
  1. You must follow the rules at all times.
  2. You are only allowed 1 account per email, 2 accounts per person.
  3. No external scripts in any programming language.
  4. No pornographic, racist, religiously offensive, obscene, abusive, or generally mean/rude materials allowed.
  5. Don't steal our stuff! It's copyrighted. This means all the text, images, and code belong to WHILS.
  6. If you find a bug on the site, it's your duty to report it by posting it on the Bug Board.
  7. No sale of WHILS cash, items, llamas, ILCP, or accounts for any form of "real life" currency (USD, CD, etc).

Terms of Service
Note: New additions colored in red.

Woolly Hooves ("", "WHILS", "site") is owned privately by me ("I"). WHILS is a virtual llama game comprised of fake farms, fake pastures, fake llamas, fake predators, fake fighting, and many more fake things, intended for use by those at least 13 years of age or older. Anyone who is under the age of 13 must first obtain the permission of a parent or guardian before signing up for or playing WHILS. I try to keep WHILS as clean as possible, but please note that there are certain areas of the site that are determined strictly by user ("member"), defined as someone who has signed up for an account on WHILS, input, hence, I cannot always control everything that goes on the site. Therefore, WHILS will not accept any responsibility for the distress that some of the aforementioned areas might hold.

Each user is granted a certain set of privileges. Please note that they are only privileges, not rights, and can be taken away at any time for any reason without explanation being neccessary. Privileges include, but are not limited to: logging on to your user account, interacting with other users through messages and message boards, owning virtual llamas, personalizing virtual farm pages, personalizing virtual llama descriptions, posting on the message boards, and fighting virtual predators. One or all of these privileges may be and will be taken away or restricted if a member does not strictly adhere to the Terms of Service. WHILS also reserves the right to take away any of the above privileges and restrict access to the site for any reason without any explanation. This applies to every account holder, basic accounts and upgraded accounts alike.

WHILS reserves the right to shut down at any time for any length of time or permanently without any warning or reason given. In other words, if I decide to close down WHILS, I can. If I decide to close WHILS for a while for the heck of it or for renovations, bug fixes, or anything else, I can.

A user is responsible and accepts complete liability for any content he or she uploads onto WHILS and agrees that WHILS is not responsible for it. This includes, but is not limited to, pictures posted or linked to without the permission from holder of the copyright, and programming code that is copyrighted by another party.

Shared accounts, accounts that are used by two users, are prohibited. But, since people do seem to like to do it, by logging in to an account that is used by two or more members you agree that WHILS forfeits all responsibility in consequences that may result because of untrustworthy partners.

You will not own more than two user accounts, and no more than one per email, on WHILS. Ownership of an account is defined as, but not limited to, possessing the username and password of an account.

The use of any scripts outside of the domain written in PERL, Javascript, CGI, PHP, ASP, or any other programming language on this site is strictly prohibited. Any such use will constitute in the offender's account(s) being immediately frozen, and the offender will be banned from all further use of WHILS.

You will not upload, or otherwise distribute onto the site any pornographic, racist, obscene, religiously offensive, abusive, or anything else that violates any law or infringes on any person's rights. Trolling, flaming, and harassing other players is also prohibited.

Inappropriate topics, such as (but not limited to) sexuality or puberty will not be allowed or tolerated on either the message boards or the chat. WHILS reserves the right to limit any discussions on the message boards and chat. WHILS does allow users to discuss content that is PG/PG-13 rated. Please keep in mind that children are welcome on this site and do not need to be exposed to mature subjects. Limited use of mild swear words is allowed on WHILS, but they may never be used in an insulting or derogatory manner or directed at another player. Moderators will remove any posts, farm pages, etc. with inappropriate titles/content or excessive/severe cursing and the offending player will be warned. If the player continues to violate these guidelines, they will be banned from the site.

The sale of WHILS Handfuls of Wool (HoW, the currency of WHILS), Invincible Llama Cool Points (ILCP, items, llamas, or accounts for any form of "real life" currency, which includes but is not limited to USD, CD, etc., is strictly prohibited. You agree not to participate in the sale or purchase of such.

The images, text, and code of this site belong to WHILS. You agree not to plagiarize, steal, or otherwise pilfer any of these materials without the sole permission of me, the owner.

If you find any bugs, defined as errors in the code of WHILS, you agree to notify me immediately by posting on the Bug Board, describing the location of the bug and what you were doing at the time of it. Any user who abuses a bug will be punished through fines or permanent suspension.

You agree to allow WHILS to collect your IP address and time of login. You agree to allow WHILS to place cookies in your computer. Use of these things are purely to enhance a user's experience on the site.

The above Terms of Service are subject to change at any time. Use of this site signifies that you have read, accept, and agree with the Terms of Service. Any violation of the Terms of Service or Rules will result in the punishment of user privileges, as defined above, and restriction to the site. If you do not agree to accept and adhere to the Terms of Service above, then cease use of this site IMMEDIATELY.
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