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The Rules of WHILS

This thread is to help you understand the rules of WHILS further, so you know what you are allowed to do, and what you are not allowed to do. If you are ever concerned about what you should be doing, you can send a mod a message; we can help you out if youíre lost.

Please read this sticky, as these are the details of the rules that we will be enforcing. Whether you happen to read this sticky or not, the rules here will apply to you. Don't forget to also read the Terms of Service. If something in this guide clarifies or revises something from the Terms of Service, the version in this guide is the rule that we will be enforcing.

WHILS is way more lenient than most sites about warning and fining. Most sites fine first and talk later. On WHILS we like to try to talk to the offending player first as they may not have been intentionally breaking a rule. However, we are not required to give any sort of warning before we take action. By the book, if you are breaking a rule then the offending material will be removed and you will be given a warning or fine.

If you have any questions Ė message us! message
If you see somebody breaking the rules Ė report them! [R]

Don't forget the general Chat and Forum Rules:

  1. No harassing other players.

  2. No flooding the boards or chat.

  3. No advertising is allowed in the chat room.

  4. No obscene language, or otherwise offensive content.

  5. Listen to and obey the mods, they're the law.

  6. Post on the right boards. Hence, no advertising in any board but advertising, no marking suggestions in any board but marking suggestions, etc.

  7. Please try to avoid excessive caps and bright colors, for the sake of your fellow players.

  8. Do not try to scam other players or the game. That stuff is taken very seriously here, and it will get all of your accounts frozen in a snap.

  9. Making posts to intentionally start flame wars is considered trolling and will not be tolerated.

Respect the moderators! They have the ability to suspend your account if you do not follow the rules.

And before we jump into the meat and potatoes of this post, I'd like to point out a few things from the ToS which everyone agreed to when they signed up.

  • "Each user is granted a certain set of privileges. Please note that they are only privileges, not rights, and can be taken away at any time for any reason without explanation being necessary."

  • "One or all of these privileges may be and will be taken away or restricted if a member does not strictly adhere to the Terms of Service. WHILS also reserves the right to take away any of the above privileges and restrict access to the site for any reason without any explanation. "

  • "WHILS reserves the right to limit any discussions on the message boards and chat."

As a note, the official categories for warnings and fines are: Cursing, Spamming, Trolling, Player Harassment, Inappropriate Topics, Offensive Input, Mod Impersonation, Scamming, Art Theft, and Cheating.

Table of Contents

  1. Player Harassment

  2. Forum Etiquette

  3. Swearing

  4. Chat Room

  5. Your Settings

  6. Copyright Infringement / Art Theft

  7. Reporting Help

Player Harassment

Absolutely no name calling is allowed. This means you are not to say anything to degrade or harass another player, indirectly or not. This includes making a topic directed at another player in a negative form. Do not rant about another player if it is obviously directed towards them. Offensive rants will be removed.

Offensive input is not to be posted. Offensive input is anything the can be insulting or hurtful. Keep in mind that it is up to the mods to determine what is considered offensive. As the ToS states: "No pornographic, racist, religiously offensive, obscene, abusive, or generally mean/rude materials allowed."

Flaming and trolling are not permitted. Flaming means to start an argument with the purpose of insulting another player. Trolling is to provoke somebody or do things with malicious intent. You can find a guide for dealing with trolls here.

There is a difference between debating and arguing, and we donít want to see the latter. If you think something you want to post may be offensive, please check with us first.

If you are having issues with a player, you can message a mod to help work it out.

Forum Etiquette

Please keep private discussions off of public areas such as the forums and chat room. Please keep this to private messaging.

Also remember that if someone is breaking the rules, the best thing to do is screenshot and report it. However, you may also politely remind the offending player of the rules if there is no mod around.

There is a zero-tolerance for spam here. Paragraphs of pointless spam are unnecessary. This includes random characters, capital letters, words said over and over again.
Do not use bright colors. If someone asks you to change your color, please do so.
Also, do not use excessive chatspeak. It is ok the say things like "lol" or "u" or "2," but make sure whatever you type is easily readable.
Posting chain messages is also considered spam.

Spam will be deleted without notice.

You may post some things in all caps, so long as it is not excessive. Again, it is up to the mods to determine what is excessive. But basically if it is assaulting to the eyes or there are more caps than not, it is excessive.
If you wish to post longer sentences and things in caps, use the <sub> tag to make them small caps or shrink down the font size. Short names and titles may be posted in all caps, however.

Stretching the Boards:
Please do not stretch the boards. Keep in mind that the maximum image size is 500px wide.
You can use this code to keep an image from stretching the boards: <img src="URL" width="500" alt="description">
As a note, the alt attribute is not required, but it is good practice to put in a description.

Remember to always preview your posts! Especially if you are posting images!

Also if you have a long name, please make sure you put spaces in it so it doesn't stretch the boards.

Ghostbumping is posting on (and therefore bumping up) old topics. Please do not do this; it is common courtesy not to. If a topic is a few weeks old and hasn't been around for a while, it is best to leave it to sink. It is not always an issue, but it can cause confusion if, say, a contest or sale gets bumped that is no longer active.

Advertising is only allowed on the Advertising board. Please do not advertise on other boards. You may however put advertisements on your farm and in your name, signature, and blurb if you wish.
Also, please do not advertise through messaging. That is spam too.

Inappropriate Content:
WHILS does allow children so please do not post things that would be inappropriate for children. You are allowed to talk about somewhat mature topics, however things like extreme violence or gore or sexual content is not allowed. This includes images and roleplays.
If you link to a site that may contain such things, please post a warning about it.

If you're not sure if something is appropriate or not, it's best to message a mod.


Limited use of mild swear words is allowed on WHILS. Please do not use excessive swear words in your posts. If you are going to use more than a couple, you should post a warning at the beginning of your post.

Posts with severely offensive words will be removed. If you are unsure about whether a specific word is allowed or not, message a mod and ask first.

You may never direct a curse word at another player. In addition you may never use any curse word in an insulting or derogatory manner. The exception is in roleplays where all people involved are aware and have agreed to allow their characters to direct curses at another character.

Anyone may request in one of their posts that swear words not be used on that post and can ask a mod to remove posts that do curse when asked not to. Users who repeatedly use curse words on posts that request them not to may be warned or fined.

The same goes for roleplays. Roleplays should state in the first post whether they allow swearing or not. People may also request that other people not have their characters direct swear words at their own character.
If someone asks you not to swear in their post or at their character in a roleplay, then you must respect their wishes or else your post may be removed.

You may not try to say prohibited things by using alternate spellings, symbols, spaces, etc..

If you link to a site the uses more than a little mild cursing, please also post a warning about it saying so.

Chat Room

No spamming in the chat room. Please see the section for spam under the Forum Etiquette section as all those rules apply.

Please try and keep your name somewhat short when you are in the chat room. You may change it later, but it distracts from your message if your name is really long.

Also, do not flood the chat. Flooding is posting multiple times in a row. It's ok to do that once or twice, but not so much that you start taking up big chunks of the chat.

This includes when testing colors. Please find a hex code at the Design-A-Llama. You may try out different colors while having a conversation, but you may not post spam or flood the chat in order to test colors.

Again make sure you don't use bright colors and please don't overuse white. It's ok to make a post or two in white just for fun, but don't post everything in white.

Advertising is not allowed in the chat room. You may mention things like if you have a llama for sale if it comes up in the conversation, but please don't post pure advertising and make sure you direct the business outside of the chatroom.

If someone asks you to change or drop a topic in chat or on the forums, please do so.

And remember to not have private conversations in the chat room. Keep personal issues and fights out of the chat room. You canít blame others for putting their nose in your business if youíre chatting in a public area. Private messaging is where private conversations should be held. Anyone is allowed to participate in any conversation going on in public places like chat.

If you see rulebreaking in chat, take a screenie. This is important because reporting chat does not work properly, so we need screenshots to see what offense occurred or else we canít do anything.

Your Settings

The maximum signature size is 500px wide by 100px tall. If we find signatures that are the wrong size, we will reset them. Please note that this will also reset your player name and blurb, so be cautious.

And just a note: when putting HTML into your signature, do not use quotation marks! Type your HTML as normal, minus the quotes. This will prevent your signature from glitching.

You may use CSS in your signature, but you may not alter anything outside of your own post.

If you mess up your farm page, blurb, or signature; just tell us and weíll reset it ASAP. Just be careful in the meantime to not make mistakes. You can keep two tabs open when editing your page, so if you make a mistake you can save the original page and fix it yourself.

And remember to put spaces in your name if it is long so the boards don't stretch. Also try not to have your name too long so that it vertically stretches the boards either.

Copyright Infringement and Art Theft

Copyright infringement is a serious thing and can be punishable by law. If you do not own it, then you must make sure you have permission to post it and use it. If it is not yours, you must also provide credit to the owner however they wish to be cited.

You are not to steal art from other people. All art you sell must be completely yours unless you have permission to use somebody elseís base, photos, or texture.

Layout code is counted here too. Copying somebody elseís code will get you into trouble. When selling a layout, it must be your original work. If it was originally coded by another person, you are not permitted to sell it.

Reporting Help

There are many places you will see the [R] or Report buttons. These include messages, topics, posts, llamas, farms, chat posts, profile pages, and pastures.

To report something, simply click on the report button. It will automatically take you to the report page, and fills in the type of report and ID for you. Do not change either of these. If you do, it will not report the right thing.

It is best not to go through the report page directly, so instead use the report buttons you find around the site. Otherwise it will not report the right thing. When reporting a topic or post, please provide a URL to the post so we can find it and if possible state what was said.

Please take a screenshot along with your report. This helps us verify the situation, and makes things easier. It is especially important to take a screenshot when reporting chat! Otherwise we will have no idea what is going on.

To take a screenshot on most computers you can press the Print Screen (usually something like Prnt Scrn or Prt Scr) key on your keyboard near the F12 key. Then open up something like Paint and paste it. Then upload it to a site like Photobucket and give us the direct URL.

Reporting will not automatically get the player in trouble. It will not get you in trouble. It will not get anybody in trouble, until a moderator gives somebody a fine. Reporting is just the official way of telling us something is wrong; itís not a bomb, it wonít blow anything up. Itís completely confidential, too. No one knows that anything was reported or who was involved except the moderators.
As we do not get alerts when reports are made, it may be a good idea to message a mod when you report something to let us know you have made a report.

Sometimes you will get a message from us regarding reports, and sometimes there is information from us that we put on the report. Remember to check your Open Reports, to see if we have posted any comments for you to see.

In order to enforce the rules, we need the cooperation of the WHILS community. That means you guys. If a rule has been broken, it is the responsibility of any player who has seen it to report it or try to aid the mods in an investigation if necessary.

Occasionally, we will message players who are involved with or witnessed rulebreaking and it is extremely helpful when information is provided by the community.

We canít be here every second and see every single thing, which is why sometimes we rely on the players to help us out.

Remember, Rule #5 is "Listen to and obey the mods, they're the law." This means that rulebreaking is at the discretion of the mods. We have laid out here all the rules we could come up with, but in all cases it is up to us whether or not someone breaks a rule or if a new rule should be implemented.

We hope this sticky clarified the rules and how they work. WHILS is lovely when itís peaceful and spam-free, and we like keeping it this way. Remember to report rulebreaking to keep it in its awesome state and message us if you find that youíre lost.

If you feel anything is unclear or if there is anything you are unsure about, feel free to ask a mod.

Thank you for reading!

- The WHILS mod team
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